Travelling Personal Assistant – Brigitte from Austria

In the last 10 years I have been working in high-class hospitality, mainly as a Chief Stewardess on yachts up to 100 meters. Besides working on yachts I was also employed as a Travelling Personal Assistant, House Manager in London (Chelsea), as a Private Jet Flight Attendant and I have been travelling with previous employers to their different residences to set them up, prepare for arrival and provide service.

My absolute joy and passion in what I am doing has always been the driving force in my past employments to perform any tasks in an optimal way.

I am able to adapt to all situations immediately

I am able to adapt to all situations immediately, I am very focused on the moment but I also always think one step ahead, outside the box and with a certain foresight. I understand the importance of the detail and the urgency on fulfilling simple tasks immediately.

I enjoy to be busy and think that extraordinary situations keep the job interesting and challenging. I am able to multitask and my nature when working is calm, balanced and deliberate. I am a consistent and profoundly positive thinker with absolute enthusiasm for what I am doing.

Referring to my hospitality background and my past 10 years in private service I do think I have the skills that are needed to be successful in this job. I am very reliable, smart and highly organized and I have worked in several different teams leading and teaching other staff. I am a self driven hands-on person that can easily improvise, if necessary.

I provided exceptional service to very exquisite clients

I provided exceptional service to very exquisite clients in the past and I have always been very discreet and loyal. Full dedication to my job and my disposition to perfectionism accompanied by a certain ease is how I would describe my approach to work. Some of my duties in my past included:

  • Organisation and management of residences
  • Event planning and execution
  • Guest relations
  • Inventories and purchasing
  • Staff supervision and training
  • Personal shopping and reservations
  • Coordination with concierges, contractors and other co-workers
  • Accounting and scheduling
  • Handling of delicate attire and any other valuables
  • Decoration, silver service and bar tending

Brigitte speaks German, English, French and Croatian.

She is seeking a position as a travelling Personal Assistant. Alternativley she is also looking for a position as a Chief Stewardess on privat vessels.

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