Travelling Lady’s Maid – Qatar

A professional Lady´s Maid is required for a high profile client in Doha, Qatar. This is a super opportunity for an experienced Lady’s Maid.

As Traveling Lady’s Maid to a high profile female Principal based in Doha, Qatar your duties will include but not be limited to:

• To manage the Lady’s wardrobes in all aspects to an exceptional high standard of detail.
• This will include laundering, dry cleaning, mending, steaming & pressing, Ironing and taking care of hand wash / special care items.
• You will be required to liaise with staff in the laundry areas and be happy working alongside them.
• To store, organise and maintain clothing including brushing clothing and hanging and to store in an appropriate manner.
• Attention to detail is a must from colour coding the wardrobe, item grouping, using appropriate covers and protection to/ over items etc.
• Create and continually update a detailed inventory of the Lady’s wardrobe contents including footwear, accessories and other personal belongings.
• To create a logical travel manual of the wardrobe, (taking into consideration colour, weather, accessories, formal/informal, sportswear, etc)
• You will also be just as responsible for footwear; cleaning, maintaining different materials and storing / organising items appropriately.
• To coordinate personal shopping itineraries, errands and gift purchases. To source and purchase requested items as necessary.
• To assist with the principals daily dressing routines including special occasion wear, laying out clothing options ready for the principal in the mornings and providing changes of clothing as required (to ensure that the options are culture, country, weather, occasion etc – appropriate)
• Ensure easy and organized access to all items, should the lady require an immediate change of proposed choice
• To track what the Lady wears daily and to special functions, ensuring they do not wear the same thing twice for special functions, unless requested.
• To travel with the Lady numerous times a year, sometimes at very short notice. To coordinate the packing of appropriate attire and accessories / personal effects to a meticulous level of detail. This will involve packing the suitcases and logging what items are in which, for ease of unpacking at each property travelled to. And using certain suitcases for certain items.
• Develop a good knowledge of the various properties the Lady regularly travels to, and develop a good working relationship with the staff in each property, working alongside them in order to get jobs done and keep the Lady and her family happy. Remain sensitive and adaptable to the protocols and standards of the Principal and the Lady in their residences.
• Be comfortable working in formal styles of residence’s, and have a good working knowledge of silver service.
• To work in conjunction with existing staff/ traveling staff, to assist principals with whatever is required.
• To liaise with relevant individuals/companies as required.
• Coordinate beauty arrangements, run baths, prepare spa areas and select / purchase desired beauty products for the Lady if so required.
• To undertake butler duties and personal food service to the Lady.
• To undertake any butler duties, silver service etc – if so required and requested.
• To be fully aware of the Principal, Lady and her family’s allergies.


• Have a great sense of style and be meticulously able to select appropriate outfits.
• To have knowledge of Middle Eastern clothing and styles; this can be taught in more detail.
• Always be discrete and maintain the highest levels of confidentiality and professionalism both during employment and thereafter.
• Be a flexible worker with a positive can-do attitude, and be a strong problem solver.
• Applicants must be able to interact positively and communicate effectively with a wide range of people and staff and quickly and sensitively adapt to varying situations and households.
• You must have an excellent knowledge and understanding of different cultures, countries and social etiquettes and adapt accordingly to the decorum and formality required of varying situations and persons.
• Have a good common sense of destination and season regarding clothing
• Applicants must be able to demonstrate an accomplished and proven career track record, and show their ability to prioritise to deadlines and work on their own initiative independently and as part of a team.  They must be comfortable supervising/ managing staff but also working as a team and working under others.
• You must be happy and available to travel extensively with the Lady and relocate for lengthier periods of time at short notice. You must respond well to change.

Further requirements:

CRB / DBS checked
Full clean driving licence
Full medical review required
High level of Training.
No motion sickness

We are looking for a candidate who is discreet and who will maintain the highest level of confidentially and professionalism at all times. You must be flexible with a “can do” attitude.

This is a 6 day working week. Salary is negotiable and based on experience. Excellent accommodation will be provided.

A wonderful experience of working at the highest level.

Interested candidates who meet (or exceed) the needs of this wonderful opportunity should email Sebastian with full work history, a current photo and written references.