Professional Domestic Couple – Gabriela and Sebastian

A happy and devoted couple for 13 years, Gabriela and Sebastian are pleasant, reliable and motivated. They have 5 years experience as a Housekeeper Couple in the UK where they spent 4 years with an English family in Bath, and in Mougins, France where they were employed in the private residence of a VIP family for 5 months. The couple also worked as Stewardess and Deckhand on private and charter yachts in the Mediterranean for the past two summer seasons. Gabi and Sebastian are now searching for a long term, permanent, live in position as a domestic couple in a private residence or family home.

Both hold EU passports, have valid National Insurance Numbers and have the legal right to live and work in the UK. This exceptional domestic couple also hold a UK driving licence. The couple are fluent in English, Czech and Polish and speak basic Russian and German. Non smokers and with no tattoos, both are well groomed, attractive and presentable.


Gabriela is kind, friendly and hardworking and her exceptional attention to detail is a real asset. She was employed by the 5 star Ritz Hotel in central London before working for a VIP residence in Bath as part of a domestic couple with Sebastian. She is confident with day to day running of the home and offers a high level of housekeeping where every detail is perfect. Gabi excels at laundry, including washing, ironing, special care and cupboard and wardrobe management. She is a trained bar tender who can mix over 50 cocktails and is excited by the prospect of learning silver service. A former gymnastics and trampoline coach, Gabi is particularly good with children. Her hobbies include travelling, sports, gymnastics, pilates, yoga, swimming, ballet and dance, manicure and nail art, amateur photography and extending her cocktail repertoire.


Sebastian is a skilled driver with a clean licence and has an exceptional sense of orientation. He has driven various prestigious vehicles and has experience of driving in London. He has worked as a personal driver as part of his previous position and is presentable and courteous. Sebastian enjoys working with PC’s and has a flair for electronics. An experienced gardener and handyman, he is more than able to assist with basic painting and DIY. Sebastian also enjoys cooking and can prepare simple family meals using fresh, healthy ingredients. His hobbies include travelling, computers, cinema, dance, music swimming, and sport.

Gabriela and Sebastian are committed to working as a domestic couple, and are looking for a position where they can best make use of their considerable skills in housekeeping and day to day management in a private residence or home. They are competent and likable and can manage your house or residence to a very high standard, undertaking tasks such as general cleaning and tidying up, including vacuuming carpets and mopping floors, sweeping and polishing, dusting, changing bed linen and making beds, antiques care and silver polishing.

They are also more than happy to provide babysitting and help with children or dogsitting and catsitting. As well as shopping and simple family cooking, this versatile domestic couple can do laundry, including ironing. They have experience in party catering and can help with food preparation and serving and can mix over 50 cocktails. A domestic couple who are willing to help with anything, Gabi and Sebastian can also assist with packing and unpacking of luggage, home security, simple DIY tasks and swimming pool maintenance.

This dedicated and very professional domestic couple will prove a real asset to any private home or prestigious VIP residence. They are hard working, kind and loyal, always willing to learn new skills, and have a refreshing ‘try anything’ attitude. A couple for over 13 years, they have worked as a domestic couple for over 5 years and are now looking for a settled, long term live in position. They have their own vehicle and can start immediately.

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