Available Household Staff: Private Chef – Roland

Private Chef - Roland
Private Chef – Roland

“For the past three years I have been working as a chef within the luxury yacht industry, cooking for guests and yacht owners from all four corners of the globe. Part of the attributes that I bring to the job is to cater to individual needs and dietary requirements to a clientele that have an international appetite.

I love working with fresh, quality ingredients and putting my years of culinary expertise to great effect. Working with great artisan producers to develop dishes at moments notice is very exciting and challenging.

Wanting to serve and cater in this manner has become second nature to me, being a chef and receiving instant gratification for a dish that I have just prepared is extremely rewarding and satisfying.

Throughout my culinary career I have worked with an international team that together make are diners experience their home and nothing can’t be achieved with a little preparation and planning ahead. And wanting to deliver has become accordant to my programme.

Even though I have been a chef for the last 23 years, my profession is ever changing, with new procedures and developments coming into practice. Therefore I’m always keen to adapt to those new operations with accomplished hands.”

What private service position are you seeking?
Private Chef.

What is your preferred geographical location (s) of the employment?
I have no preference to location.

What type of situations do you envision yourself most comfortable with-formal / informal  / family  /  children  / older  /  younger?
I am flexible.

Salary range that you would like to achieve?

What attachments do you have that must be considered- pets, spouse, partner?
I have no attachments.

Are you interested in live in or live out opportunities- or either?
I would prefer to live-in, but out is OK.

What is your citizenship?
I’m British

Do you have any visas in place to work in other countries?
I have a B1/B2 that allows me to working in the US for short periods.

Do you smoke?

Do you have any background problems that might affect your employment in private service?

Do you drive?  Yes

Do you have any health conditions which would require accommodation?
I have no health problems.

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