Private Chef – Castle near Munich, Germany

We are looking for a private chef for a family home in the Bavarian countryside approximately 90km away from Munich, Germany at a stunning Castle.

The couple usually stays there on weekends, holidays and vacations. Very often they have guests or family members. There are then between 4 and 12 guests in the house (for breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner).

The castle:

The castle is technically modern, especially the kitchen with a large electric stove, several tube ovens, enough refrigerators and freezers, a large separate scullery, etc.

There is a well-equipped major supermarket that sells organic food in a town about 1 km away from the castle. Other purchases are made in Munich at Käfer or at the Metro.

There are a couple of housekeepers who have had experience for many years running the household; if necessary, temporary staff from the local area are available who have also been working with the client for many years.

Working hours:

The principals are mainly in the castle on the weekends, less during the week. This is a full-time position (around 40 hours/week) usually from Thursday until Sunday.


The apartment is located in the estate manager’s former house in the estate, which is no longer used as such. It is located right next to the Great Castle Courtyard. The apartment consists of a large living room, 5 bedrooms, a spacious kitchen with a pantry and a bathroom with a separate toilet. This also includes a garage and a garden. The apartment and the castle are centrally heated.

Cuisine / Food preparation:

When it comes to the Cuisine/type of meals, the principals are demanding. They like to eat Mediterranean food and also French cuisine, but they also appreciate good home cooking (roast pork, spaetzle, etc.). Please note that our client also attaches great importance to good desserts and that their meals usually consist of three courses.

The food at the castle is very popular and famous among their many different guests from all over Europe and they would like to maintain this standard at all times.

Excellent rates of pay for the right chef candidate, plus other benefits.

Please email your CV/resume along with verifiable references and an up-to-date photo to Silvia Richter or Sebastian Hirsch to .

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