Personal Assistant (travelling worldwide) Sought

Place of work: Travelling worldwide

Responsibilities / tasks: You will travel with (or without) Madame and assist her to meet all of life’s varied demands. You are a source of reliable, top-notch service ensuring everything is perfect at all times.

The position involves:

Travel in advance to various homes to ensure the properties are in running order (household staff has the right uniforms and is clean and tidy), staff has performed their duties, maintenance has occurred and everything is in working order

Shopping lists for food & beverage as well as cleaning supplies are prepared and everything has been bought, follow-up during the stay to ensure the house is fully stocked and within the pre-established budget, arrange menus with the cooks as per Madame’s instructions, check exterior garden, potted plants and flower arrangements

Prepare and pack wardrobe, beauty supplies and office supplies; coordinate well in advance with the responsible party at the destination to ensure the arrival of the luggage

Wardrobe care and maintenance

Check all clothing closets to ensure the clothes are properly pressed, clean, dusted and if anything is wrong, correct it

Personal shopping on Madame’s behalf: supervise and coordinate with the responsible person of each residence in carrying out Madame’s instructions and follow-up on a weekly reporting basis

During Madame’s stay at a property supervise (together with the responsible person on-site) that the staff is performing her wishes; report back any anomalies

Travel with 2 dogs at Madame’s request

Follow Madame’s instruction for the care of her 2 dogs – supervise and ensure that the dogs are always attended to, that they are properly fed and that their medications are administrated correctly and on time

In the event of staying at a hotel, coordinate with the concierge that everything that is needed as per Madame’s request will be arranged

Help to organize social events, dinner parties, large gatherings and special occasions

Assist Madame with her personal diary – plan and coordinate activities and ensure appointments are confirmed

Take dictation and prepare the mail

Various administrative tasks: personal letters, thank you notes, shopping lists, update central directory with LA office, review expense budget


Solid experience in a similar position – a multi-skilled individual fluent English and preferably either Spanish, Italian or French

High quality standards and a superb eye for details
Autonomous and self-sufficient, customer focused and dedicated – able to adapt to Madame’s needs

Hands-on approach – problem solver who can improvise if necessary

Pro-active, observant and able to respond quickly and positively to all manner of situations
competent and highly organized with exceptional foresight and a fairly high stress tolerance
excellent organisation skills – precise and orderly in filing, keeping and presenting information discreet, loyal, honest and trustworthy

Confidentiality and sense of privacy is paramount

A person with integrity, excellent communication and interpersonal skills – being able to command with respect and treat people as you want to be treated; and get the results needed

Immaculate presentation with impeccable telephone manners being able to adapt to different working environments and to deal with people of various nationalities and races

Additional information:

Travel with Madame when needed; homes are located in United States, the Bahamas, Italy, Switzerland as well as a yacht currently anchored in France

Flexibility regarding working hours / days off: 6 days / week

When travelling with Madame (when it is not possible to take a day off you will be compensated with time off at another date)

Vacation will be mutually agreed – 30 calendar days / year

Proper international medical insurance will be provided

First class travel arrangements and accommodation

Salary flexible according to experience & qualifications

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Posted in July 2015