Personal Assistant Jobs

Requirements/qualifications for personal assistants:

Solid experience in a similar position – a multi-skilled individual fluent in English and preferably in another language, either Spanish, French, Russian or German.

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personal-assistant-jobs –

High quality standards and a superb eye for details autonomous and self-sufficient, customer focused and dedicated – able to adapt to the principle`s needs.

Hands-on approach – problem solver who can improvise if necessary. pro-active, observant and able to respond quickly and positively to all manner of situations.

Competent and highly organized with exceptional foresight and a fairly high stress tolerance.

Excellent organisation skills – precise and orderly in filing, keeping and presenting information discreet, loyal, honest and trustworthy.

Confidentiality and sense of privacy is paramount.

A person with integrity, excellent communication and interpersonal skills – being able to command with respect and treat people as you want to be treated; and get the results needed.

Immaculate presentation with impeccable telephone manners being able to adapt to different working environments and to deal with people of various nationalities and races.

If you are a qualified, experienced personal assistant and have worked in personal assistant jobs for a minimum of three years, then please send us your CV/resume together with a professional photo and references. 

Please note: Our personal assistant agency will not consider any candidates for registration without verifiable references, so please send us your written references and contact details of former employers. 

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