House Manager/Personal Assistant – Karin (available worldwide)

Butler For You - Household Staff Agency
Butler For You – Household Staff Agency

Personal Profile

I am an accomplished Manager with a wealth of experience in challenging situations. My career has taken me to the Royal Households of Sandringham, Windsor, Holyroodhouse and Balmoral, to the House of Commons in Westminster and private residences with very formal as well as informal services of UHNW families. I thrive on travel, new experiences and achieving the seemingly impossible in a calm, professional manner. Attention to detail, excellence and confidentiality are inbuilt in me.

Transferable Skills

I have excellent organisational and time management skills. As a strong motivator I have a consistent track record of meeting targets. I am loyal, discreet and can multitask under pressure and exceed my objectives to the utmost value.

To secure a career change I undertook the Executive PA course to ensure that I have all qualifications needed for my future role.

Professional domestic staff candidates preferences and due diligence survey:

Sebastian: What private service position are you seeking?
Karin: House Manager/Private Personal Assistant.

Sebastian: What is your preferred geographical location (s) of the employment?
Karin: I am very open and would consider any position across the globe.

Sebastian: What type of situations do you envision yourself most comfortable with-formal / informal  / family  /  children  / older  /  younger?

Karin: I am very flexible, I would be happy in a formal as well as informal environment, family or individual, older or younger principals.

Sebastian: Salary range that you would like to achieve?
Karin: In my last role I earned £65K live in, I would not like to drop below £60K.

Sebastian: What languages do you speak?
Karin: German and English.

Sebastian: What attachments do you have that must be considered- pets, spouse, partner?
Karin: I am single with no children or pets.

Sebastian: Are you interested in live in or live out opportunities- or either?
Karin: Either would be fine.

Sebastian: What is your citizenship?
Karin: German.

Sebastian: Do you smoke?
Karin: No.

Sebastian: Do you have any background problems that might affect your employment in private service?
Karin: No, I have a current DBS check and it was all clear.

Sebastian: Do you drive?              Are there any issues with your driving record?
Karin: Clean driving licence. I do not own a car.

Sebastian: Do you have any health conditions which would require accommodation?
Karin: No.

Sebastian: Do you have anything else you would like us to know and consider when evaluating suitable opportunities for you?
Karin: I would consider myself as extremely flexible for any future employer.

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