Personal Assistant (English/German) – Berlin


The position would best be described as a Family Executive Assistant, to help an entrepreneurial couple with everything from paying bills, managing their schedules, researching investments, managing travel, reviewing contracts, traveling with them and more.

Important is the ability to speak English and German either natively or highly fluently, as well as physical presence in Berlin. It would be best if you can legally drive in Germany.

Example Tasks

To get a better idea of what the job would entail, here are some example tasks that personal assistants have helped the client with before. This is not a comprehensive list, but it’s some of the things they might ask you to do for them in this role.

Household Management

  • Managing gardeners, cleaners, repairmen, plumbers as needed
  • Regularly care for the apartments when they are traveling, such as bringing in mail and packages, letting in workers, taking in and out garbage cans if needed. Shopping and stocking the house while they are out (groceries, baby stuff, cleaning supplies, firewood, etc).
  • Making Doctors or other professional appointments for the couple and adding them to their calendars.

Financial Management

  • Paying bills, filing forms
  • Paying the nanny & cleaner.
  • Coordination with financial advisor in the US and with tax firm in Germany.
  • Handle bills.

Event/Travel Management

  • Help to organize events or bookings such as birthday trips or group vacations.
  • Organize travel (flights, flight changes, hotels, reservations, car, day care) for frequent trips to the US or personal vacation time.
  • Organize travel and accommodations for family members on occasion.


  • Occasional childcare duties, such as picking up children from school. They employ a nanny for 32h/week but for times when they need additional support or during travel). Organize additional childcare if needed or fill in for emergencies when possible.

Property Management

  • General property management and coordination of three properties in Germany (Lake house in Falkensee and two Berlin apartments).
  • Handle any rental issues, finding or coordinating professional property managers, make sure property taxes are paid regularly.
  • Be the point for contact for Hausverwaltung, proxy for meeting with community of owners.
  • Helping to manage upcoming construction and interior decorating projects,  procuring and installing household items or furniture.
  • Research, evaluate, visit, photograph possible future property purchases, possibly in other countries, and handle legal and bureaucratic logistics of purchases.

Legal and Professional Assistance

  • Help to find and interface with various lawyers, personally and professionally. For instance, notary appointments, business contracts, employment contracts (eg for the nanny).
  • Manage the calendars and help coordinate their schedules and work with people they need to meet with to find a common time or reschedule.

Bureaucratic Assistance

  • Anmeldungs, registering cars, embassy appointments, gathering documents, etc. 

Other Things

  • Whatever comes up that helps them to manage things. Drop off or pick up their car at the airport before and after long trips. Hang a picture, or hire someone to do it. Purchase and take delivery of a car.


  • Excellent compensation
  • 26 paid vacation days per year (on a 40h/week basis)
  • Any needed equipment (phone, computer, etc)
  • Car in Berlin
  • Fully paid travel and accommodations

We will not consider any candidates for registration without verifiable references.

Please email Sebastian Hirsch / BUTLER FOR YOU with full work history, a current photo and written references.