Butler (Live-in) – Dorset, England


Traditional Butler role available with a family on a country estate in Dorset.

The butler will be working alongside a team of household staff, supporting the family with a range of service-orientated butler duties, from silver service to valeting.

This is a 4-day week role (Thursday until Sunday from 8am until after dinner) and comes with a 2 bedroom accommodation.

The ideal candidate for this role will have a wealth of proven experience as a professional butler, adaptable to both formal and informal environments.

You will have ample experience in large private estates and working in collaboration with a wider team of household staff.

You will have strong organisational skills and operate with finesse both front and back of house.

Salary: £50k+


2-bedroom property in the local village. Pets, Partners and dependants welcome.

You could be around some pretty interesting people in the world of media and film.

We will not consider any candidates for registration without verifiable references.

Interested candidates should email BUTLER FOR YOU / Sebastian Hirsch with full work history, a current photo and written references.