Houshold Manager (live in) – London, UK


Busy family in London

substantial 6 storey London town house in SW1 is their primary residence

2 housekeepers, laundress, governess

• Perform a variety of tasks that are supportive to the Family’s lifestyle including but not limited to organizing and maintaining an efficient household
• Staff organization, supervision, training, evaluation and leadership
• Check residence troubleshoot problems and be on top of all the issues inside and outside.
• Serve as Driver as needed
• Oversee vendors and contractors with Principal’s best interests in mind
• Be willing and able to travel as needed
• Oversight of property and vehicles from a property manager perspective
• Various tasks and errands
• Other duties as would complement the position

HOURS OF SERVICE: The household manager is on duty for 5 – 6 days per week on a flexible schedule to be worked out in advance.

• Strong experience in a similar position
• Professional training is valued as a strength in a candidate
• Fluent English language skills
• Anticipatory and self motivated.
• Very detail oriented
• Friendly, not familiar
• Patient, with excellent communication skills
• Courteous, discreet, honest and responsible character.
• Must be able to drive
• Non smoker

1 bed maisonette

A professional salary is offered dependent on the experience and background of the candidate, and in line with current trends in the profession.


  • You must have experience of managing a large formal household, with multiple staff, antiques and exacting standards expected from all
  • To be the principle contact for employer
  • To take responsibility for all, and also oversee any contractors
  • Must have demonstrable track record of holding jobs down for several years
  • Ideally from a background in the services, royal households, 5 star hotels or similar
  • Good English skills
  • 20+ years of total work experience