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Choosing the perfect housekeeper agency

Butler For You are an established agency based in London who excel in finding exceptional staff for homes in London and other parts of the UK as well as abroad.

With a host of well trained and highly experienced candidates to choose from, you’ll find selecting the housekeeper that best meets your requirements so much easier.

Perhaps you’re looking for a housekeeper who can take over a variety of tasks such as vacuuming, dusting and cleaning, laundry and bedroom preparation and care of your fine crystal and silver.

With a number of responsible and experienced housekeepers to choose from at housekeeper agency Butler For You, you can be assured of the finest and most reliable level of service from personnel that have been highly trained to meet our exacting demands.

An asset that will prove invaluable

Your housekeeper will prove an asset from the start, allowing you to go about your daily business with confidence and peace of mind. When you entrust the care of your home to a highly skilled housekeeper from Butler For You, you can rely on incomparable service and a dedication to excellence that is outstanding. From everyday chores such as vacuuming to occasional tasks like polishing silver or taking care of dry cleaning, your housekeeper will approach each with dedication and expertise. No longer will jobs build up and be relegated to a later date, a housekeeper is organised and experienced and can easily create the home environment you desire through careful planning and delegation.

Flexible and versatile service

Clients with larger homes to take care of may wish to consider an executive housekeeper with a small team of staff at their disposal. Not only will an executive housekeeper take over the day to day cleaning and maintenance tasks in your home, they will ensure that a high level of care is adhered to at all times and that staff are utilised in the best and most effective ways. No task is too much trouble for your housekeeper and you’ll soon find that you no longer spend time worrying about those essential chores that you never seem to have time for. Your experienced and well trained housekeeper will arrange a schedule that is based on your specific requirements and endeavour to make your life easier in every way. It is such a joy to walk into a beautifully kept room, and you can experience this feeling every day with an efficient and skilled housekeeper or housekeeping team.

Housekeepers are available for both live in and live out engagements. Whether you live in London or another region of the UK, or whether you are searching for the ideal candidate for a position in your home abroad, you can rely on Butler For You to assist you in finding the perfect housekeeper.