House Manager / Personal Assistant – Marion (Greater London area)

Butler For You - Household Staff Agency
Butler For You – Household Staff Agency

Personal Profile

“I am an energetic, enthusiastic, loyal and hard working Manager with a passion for providing exceptional service that has worked in the hospitality industry for over 30 years.

I have a wealth of experience in managing big teams, overseeing multiple properties including private villas and a private yacht, developing manuals, preparing budgets, vendor management, purchasing and inventory control, event planning, flowers and decorations, hiring staff and training.

My passion is interior design and refurbishment projects. Living in Dubai for 9 years I have developed strong interpersonal communication skills with people from many diverse backgrounds and have acquired a strong passion for travelling.

I am a fantastic multi tasker, thrive under pressure and remain calm in any stressful situation. I am logical and will try and be 5 steps ahead of everyone!

Transferable Skills

I am a flexible capable problem solver who thrives under pressure and adapts quickly to any new tasks. I am self-motivated, diligent, discreet and resourceful whether working as part of a team or independently. I am a natural Leader possessing outstanding interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate articulately and confidently at all levels with a focus on motivating and inspiring others.”

Professional domestic staff candidates preferences and due diligence survey:

Sebastian: What private service position are you seeking?
Marion: House Manager or Executive Assistant

Sebastian: What is your preferred geographical location (s) of the employment?
Marion: Greater London, England but would consider Germany too.

Sebastian: What type of situations do you envision yourself most comfortable with-formal / informal  / family  /  children  / older  /  younger?

Marion: I am very flexible, I would be happy in a formal as well as informal environment, family or individual.

Sebastian: Salary range that you would like to achieve?
Marion: £65k onwards.

Sebastian: What languages do you speak?
Marion: German mother tongue and English fluent.

Sebastian: What attachments do you have that must be considered- pets, spouse, partner?
Marion: 21 year old daughter but does not live with me.

Sebastian: Are you interested in live in or live out opportunities- or either?
Marion: I consider either.

Sebastian: What is your citizenship?
Marion: German.

Sebastian: Do you smoke?
Marion: No.

Sebastian: Do you have any background problems that might affect your employment in private service?
Marion: No, I have a current DBS check and it was all clear.

Sebastian: Do you drive?              Are there any issues with your driving record?
Marion: Clean driving licence.

Sebastian: Do you have any health conditions which would require accommodation?
Marion: No.

Sebastian: Do you have anything else you would like us to know and consider when evaluating suitable opportunities for you?
Marion: I am open to any new challenges and opportunities you can see fit based on my vast experience.

Clients: This is a small sample of the talent that we represent.

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