House Manager / Personal Assistant – Hong Kong

House Manager / Personal Assistant - Hong Kong -
House Manager / Personal Assistant – Hong Kong –


Entrepreneurial principal with his wife. The principle is from the UK and his wife is Asian. They have an 11 year old son who will be with them for another year or so before boarding school. They live in Hong Kong, in the Philippines, in Thailand and England. They travel a lot.

Given access to domestic staff in Hong Kong the principal is really looking for a House “Leader” who will manage and oversee things in Hong Kong and in the Philippines where he employs additional household staff. In this respect our client wants someone who can roll his/her sleeves up if needed BUT most importantly can recruit train and motivate junior staff who will clean, drive, cook, etc. .

Our client really wants someone who knows his/her way around managing local people and will enjoy the challenge of running a small team.


Main residence is in Hong Kong. Other residences in the Philippines, Thailand and in the UK.


• Handyman, Laundress and cleaning crew

• Various vendors for specialty services


You will be responsible in a hands-on and all-around way to make the Principal’s lives easier. Duties include:

• Shopping and light assistance with cooking

• Driving employers as needed

• Minor household repairs

• Oversight of vehicles

• Assist with occasional entertaining- mainly by serving

• Maintain appropriate records, ordering / purchasing supplies, following up on things that are needed at different times of the year including preventative maintenance.

• Oversee other staff and vendors

• Travel to Philippines and UK would typically be ahead of the family to make sure they are properly set up and that everything working ok.

• Communicate effectively with the Principals in ways that give them the information that they require along with the confidence that you are taking care of the details.

• Other duties as they evolve or become needed over time.


The house manager /PA is on duty for 5 days per week on a flexible schedule to be worked out in advance with generally two consecutive days off, but with 24/7 availability. The employer attitude is supportive and cooperative and they highly value the service attitude that puts their needs at a premium. This means flexibility.


The candidate should be a career oriented and professional with the skill set of the professional Butler. The main character trait is to be honest, anticipatory and self-motivated. Other traits include:

• Detail oriented and self directed

• Highly confidential and professional in personality

• Friendly not familiar

• Courteous, discreet, honest and responsible character.

• Humble with an infectious positive attitude.

• Be well groomed, non-drug user, physically able to perform the duties of the position.

• Able to sign and adhere to confidentiality agreement.

• Must be able to drive

• Be of good background and willing to submit to pre-employment background, security and medical check.


• In the region of $USD 90k – 120k per annum, so a professional salary is offered dependent on the experience and background of the candidate.

• Benefits to be discussed

• Offsite apartment is provided with utilities

• Vehicle for business and reasonable personal use.

Interested candidates who meet (or exceed) the needs of this wonderful opportunity should email Sebastian Hirsch with full work history, a current photo and written references.