Live in Governess/Tutor role near London, England

A creative family is seeking an exceptional live-in private educator to complement their 10-year-old daughter’s Montessori curriculum.

The girl is in 6th grade and was recently diagnosed with dyslexia. The ideal candidate will have experience teaching children with different learning needs and styles.

The private educator will primarily work to bolster math and reading skills, and do so in a manner that is fun and engaging for the child.

The daughter really enjoys creative arts and music, and the family values multiple intelligences.

The family is looking for an organized and experienced educator. Their daughter responds well to confidence, and they would like to find someone who she can relate and look up to as a role model. The parents expect to see a clearly outlined curriculum with clear objectives, and check in regularly to review progress and challenges. The private educator must have a good work ethic and be inspired to work as a team with the parents. They must also be patient and calm, while still being engaging and determined.

The ideal candidate will be emotionally intelligent and interested in personal development. Ideally they will have a personal passion of their own that they will be able to share with the family. The mother is a wellness entrepreneur and former fashion designer and the father is in the music industry. The family has a strong spiritual belief system and are looking for a person who is curious and invested in not just intellectual development, but also emotional and spiritual evolution.

In addition to the educational aspects, the private educator will be asked to motivate the child to pitch in with her regular chores in a positive way. The private educator may be asked to occasionally help the parents out with household management, including light housekeeping and quick errands.

The family lives on a quiet estate about 30 minutes outside of London. They travel occasionally and may ask the nanny to join them. The child attended the Lycee Francais school in Los Angeles for several years. Someone who can assist her in continuing her studies of the French language would be a bonus.

The schedule is Monday-Friday ~40hrs/week, with occasional weekend coverage requested. Time off in lieu will be offered for hours worked on the weekends.

Compensation is competitive and will commensurate with experience.