Governess/Nanny/ Family Assistant – Constance – from NYC, USA

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Butler For You – Household Staff Agency

“Dear Family,

Thank you for reviewing my profile! My desire is to give your children the best foundation for school and life by keeping them safe, educated and entertained. My goal is to be personally attentive to the unique needs of your family in every way to the fullest, and lighten your load by meeting whatever comes along with sure-footed confidence.

Raised in the New York City metropolitan area and musically, theatrically trained in London, it brings great satisfaction to impart my rich, cultural heritage to children. I have always enjoyed discovering creative ways to motivate and help others achieve their best by discerning their natural abilities. My passion is to encourage personal strengths and goals of the child.

Awarded with a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts from New York University and two teaching certifications in English (middle/high school) and Theater Arts (K-12), I have 5 years of classroom teaching experience including 9th grade honors English in a highly ranked state high school, creative writing, theater arts and public speaking in an inner city school, as well as public speaking and theater classes for a private elementary school for children with special needs. Creating and guiding a holistic preschool /kindergarten summer theater program for 160 children was also an experience of great delight!

My greatest teaching strengths are in the areas of communication skills: reading, writing and verbal excellence for all ages of children. I taught two children to read at the age of 4, and one child I was privileged to nanny was able to recognize alphabet letters on street signs and make their corresponding sounds at 3.

Desirous of having a greater impact on children in a deep, personal way, I worked as governess/nanny and family assistant for two “no television” families. As a result, the children learned to play independently, become more self-sufficient and were advanced in all areas, according to their teachers.

One of these families was a private White House family, where responsibilities included newborn infant care and support in tandem with a breast-feeding mom, while also tending to the needs of their 3-1/2 year-old, the granddaughter of a former US senator and ambassador to China.  Reinforcing family agreed discipline and teaching manners and successful potty training, selecting enjoyable reading material to expand vocabulary and imagination, musical dance and sing-song, arts and crafts projects and cultural outings, nature walks and play dates helped the child build a strong foundation for the future.

To further assist the family, I cooked organic meals from scratch for the highly allergic child, organized and maintained the family pantry and grocery lists, made dinner preparations, ran errands, took the family dog on daily 3 mile walks, purchased clothing and packed the child on a moment’s notice in a cheerful, flexible manner. Communication with the parents was ongoing via text and email.

I also worked for a New York City professional model for 3 years, with three children, ages 4-9 at start by keeping a family calendar, overseeing daily activities and neighborhood play dates, tutoring after school and using innovative study techniques for one dyslexic child. Training the children to work as a team to clean and organize their rooms as well as to cook and clean up the kitchen was part of the plan to teach responsibility.

As a trained soloist and actress, I enjoyed directing kindergarten through 5th grade children’s choirs and productions for 8 years and have been asked on numerous occasions to design and host theme-based birthday parties for children.

In my free time, I travel, hike, exercise, enjoy music, reading, animals and volunteer work. I have worked as a motivational speaker in New York City public high schools as a business school representative and have been a keynote speaker and soloist for several women’s events.

Past employer references have called me “highly capable, conscientious, prompt, and takes direction extremely well. Ms. J. love of children is apparent, and she is very kind, firm yet flexible in regard to their needs. Ms. J. youthful and creative energy has always been a joy to be around, and she understands the diverse needs of children with a very caring and positive attitude. I highly recommend her to any family seeking a kind, responsible and incredibly hard-working governess. Her concern for my children and the whole family is genuine and palpable. She has benefitted our family tremendously.”

Another parent commented, “Connie is a marvelous person. She is highly qualified, well-spoken and deeply empathetic. She is loving, but strong, even-tempered, and highly consistent. Most people can’t manage our difficult older child, but she does so with compassion and confidence. Connie is the only person who can not only watch my children, but guide them to clean rooms, get work done, practice a musical instrument, as well as have a great time. We have all learned from her wisdom. She is a gem.”

My former English supervisor commented: “I say, without reservation, that there is no one like Constance ; in fact, she is not only a master teacher, but an incredible human being.”

I am open to all inquiries, and it would be an honor to hear from you!



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