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Hiring a German Nanny may seem daunting, but we can make the process easy and safe for any families who need a little help. Having a nanny can make the difference between stressful living and a good work life balance, and German nannies are known for their reliability and skills.

Bilingual, skillful and reliable nannies

Our German nannies are all bilingual experts in child care, and their language skills can be a real benefit for your children. Being exposed to a number of languages in early life is known to improve mental ability in later life, so employing a German nanny is a great investment in any child’s future.

The first few years of a child’s life are the time when their sense of language and creativity is awoken, and our nannies try to encourage their charges to benefit as much as possible. German nannies are known across the world for their enthusiasm and reliability, and we vet our candidates to a high level to ensure that they meet our exacting recruitment standards.

With our domestic staff you can feel assured that your children will have an enjoyable, educational time with level-headed, friendly staff who are committed to providing the best service possible.

International experience in nurturing young talent

We are an international agency who have successfully placed nannies with families in countries as diverse as the UK, the United States, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Switzerland and Italy, and we always listen to the needs of the clients we work with.

We have also directly placed German nannies with families in Brighton, London, Liverpool and Manchester, so we know about the needs of British parents and children.

Anyone seeking the services of a top-class German nanny can also enjoy a free consultation from our nanny agency in London, where we will discuss your needs and concerns, and ensure that we find the best nanny possible for your situation.

We know that bringing in external assistance can be stressful, and work to the highest standards to make the process as secure and beneficial as possible. Employing a German nanny is a superb option for any families who are struggling to balance the demands of work and the need to provide attention to their children.

Our highly skilled, bilingual nannies will nurture your child’s language skills and keep them safe and entertained, enhancing the life of everyone in the family. So apply for a free consultation and see how your family could benefit from our services.

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