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“Dear Parents,

The contagious enthusiasm, the curiosity, the imagination and the happy laughter of children have always been entrancing to me.

The opportunity to utilize my experience to discover a child’s abilities and to encourage them gives me enormous delight.

I am 47 years old and the mother of two grown daughters, 23 and 25 years of age, who are my pride and joy. With love, understanding, creativity, and a good deal of upbringing, I provided them with the chance for a good start in life.

After studying German language and literature and theater sciences, I cared for and supported boys and girls of various ages with reading and homework as well in creative and other activities. I love delving into the world of literature, art and culture with children of all ages, be it at home, at school, on trips, or outdoors. There are opportunities everywhere for children to learn and discover new things. I am aware how important the organization of the daily life is for children.

I take care to create a well-balanced daily routine for them so that day care or school are seamlessly integrated with homework, play, reading, making things, cleaning their rooms, preparing meals, and mealtimes together. In addition, flexible and caring attention to their needs are central priorities for me. There are, in the joint planning of the day, many opportunities for interaction with children. At such times I listen carefully and help them to deal with possible problems while always keeping their autonomy and personal development in mind.

I am also always aware of the smaller tasks that can be performed around the house so that a good level of cooperative activity is always ensured. The fact that I completed my studies while raising two small children shows that I am used to reacting flexibly, to mastering crises, to being resilient, and that I possess a solid talent for organization.

I have a good deal of experience in the care of infants, small children, children in day care, school-age children, teenagers and twins, during the daytime as well as in the evening and at night.

During the past few years I have worked as live-in nanny in Germany, and as live-out nanny in Vietnam, Switzerland and Germany. I enjoyed these positions as great deal and the experience encouraged my desire to continue doing such work internationally.

I would very much like to take care of your children and to support you with my assistance. As a native speaker, my German is excellent. I also speak fluent English and passable Russian.

I would also be happy to take care of children in English-speaking or bilingual households. I am looking forward to meeting your family.





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