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Butler For You – Household Staff Agency

Stephen is a 33 year old, formally trained butler. Coming from a family of teachers and artists, he has a particular and studied passion for making other people shine and bringing out the best in those around him.

He is quietly spoken, confident, has a good sense of humour, and possesses a keen eye for detail. He is perfectly at home within a community/team setting as well as when working on his own.

For five years Stephen worked in one of England’s most prominent stately homes, where he gained an exceptional skill-set and regularly took on the management of the Private Apartments in the Head Butler’s absence. Stephen has in depth knowledge of the overall management of a busy house, has regularly overseen the care and well-being of VIPs (including crowned royalty) and has tutored members of staff in household matters as diverse as correctly laying fires and serving at table, to the correct care of a wardrobe and the laying of a banquet table.

Stephen has a particular passion for valet duties, is experienced as a chauffeur in London and the country, and has experience of household accounts, ordering strategies and ongoing databases.

He is a confident custodian of a typical pantry stock, and is happy to demonstrate his care for glassware, ceramics, silver and other metalwork, stonework, fabrics and other house holdings. He understands the correct care of wine and spirits, cigar storage and a house’s archival requirements.

Stephen also has experience of producing home-made furniture polish and liqueurs. He has a good knowledge of in-depth cleaning and conservation programmes, is able to arrange flowers, is a keen amateur cook and holds a valid First Aid certificate.

In 2009 Stephen left his beloved career to discern a possible Church vocation. Whilst this was ultimately not for him, he has taken from it rich and diverse understanding of himself and of others that can be born only from a cloistered community life. Eager to return to what he does best, Stephen is seeking a long-term Butler position in the UK (London or the country) in which he can build up a fruitful relationship with an employer for many years to come.

Stephen is a thoughtful, reliable and discreet young man with excellent organisational skills and an immaculate appearance. He always strives for the best service he can offer, and is keen to continue developing his knowledge of service.

He has excellent references and is happy to open up a dialogue with anyone seeking a long-term, live-in Butler for their household.

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