Experienced Fitness Professional – Private Coach Chris

Experienced fitness professional – Private Coach Chris represented by www.butlerforyou.com
Experienced fitness professional – private coach Chris represented by www.butlerforyou.com

“I am a pleasant and experienced fitness professional from a strong athletic background and with an array of qualifications in my field. I am seeking a position as a Private Coach for a family requiring my services in health and fitness management.

As a multi-skilled professional I am highly dynamic in delivering a range of services to suit the requirements of a family. For children I can assist in developing strategies to creatively increase their physical activity levels, lead them in sports coaching and also assist in the management of appropriate nutritional planning. For young adults I can provide athletic conditioning, aesthetic training, relevant nutritional support and health mentoring.

For adults and seniors I can help with weight management, aesthetic training, postural correction and muscular pain, managing health strategies and nutritional guidance.

Other services that I can provide to support a family include group exercise training, relaxation sessions, family health planning, health assessment and analysis.

Everything that I provide is bespoke, we can work as focused or as leisurely as you please. I am here to meet your needs and ensure that leading an active and healthy lifestyle is a pleasurable experience for you and your family.

My recent experiences include travelling with a VIP CEO in The Middle East and across Europe to help work on his fitness goals. Previously, I have also worked with a number of clients in their private family residences in London, England delivering a range of personal services.”

Clients: This is a small sample of available candidates that we represent.

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