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A female butler – household manager wording can be interchangeable.

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The old style butler is not the same as today’s butler. The modern butler provides seamless care of a fine property managing the staffing and service.

The female butlers’ role is to anticipate the needs of the household and service. She is responsible for all food service and beverage service, laying of the table, flowers, menu planning. Additionally, care of all silver, crystal and fine china is under the butlers’ oversight. Wine knowledge is an important skillset to have and upkeep of wine cellars is an increasingly important job requirement.

She is responsible for receiving guests and offering personal assistance to the household members. This can range from making doctors’ appointments, reservations, personal shopping to travel planning.  Oftentimes, the butler will accompany the household to other locations to provide service continuity.   Thus, the female butler must be skilled at fine clothing care and valet in addition to packing for travel.

The scope of today’s female butler varies from client to client. Below are additional job specifications that may be included.

Todays’ female butler/household manager also hires and trains the staff for the property. Training new staff is a crucial part of the job for maintaining high cleanliness standards in the property. It provides a cohesive program so that uniformity of cleaning standards are followed by all staff members  Other staff members such as Chefs, other butlers , gardeners and security staff are also provided with job descriptions ,duties, and schedules.

The total management of all outside vendors is the responsibility of the female butler/household manager. She will vet all service providers and oversee any construction if needed.

Inventory control is also a crucial part of the job. Keeping all records of stock from foodstuffs, beverages to linens. A household inventory of furniture, art, crystal, china, antiques, silver, and jewelry is also the responsibility of the household manager.

And finally, the household manager may be responsible for budgets of the property. This can range from bill reconciliation to monthly and yearly budgeting projections.


Clients: Please contact our household staff agency to let us know about your specific requirements.