Female Butler (Live in) – Kuwait


We are looking to hire a highly professional and experienced female butler to oversee and supervise household operations, staff, budgets and accounts and external contractors for our client in Kuwait.

Reporting to: Chairman’s residence Location: Kuwait

Travel will be on private jets and yachts. This is a role for a knowledgeable professional female Butler as you won’t have time to practice!

Responsibilities & duties:

  • Oversees the household staff of the Chairman’s residence
  • Supervising the housekeeper and cleaning (includes advice on cleaning various materials)
  • Running an efficient kitchen and maintaining inventory
  • Supervising contractors, suppliers, and services (such as home renovations, landscaping, and catering)
  • Supervising and managing Chauffeurs/Drivers and the fleet, ensuring maintenance and cleanliness
  • Disciplining staff
  • Oversees family packing and travel preparations.
  • Taking Care of the Household
  • Ensuring safety and security in the house
  • Purchasing supplies and arranging for delivery
  • Keeping household budgets and accounts
  • Reception and looking after guests
  • Answering the door
  • Answering the telephone
  • Preparing for overnight guests
  • Organizing a formal dinner or banquet (including planning the event, seating arrangements, table settings, and supervising wait staff)
  • Organizing other social events (dinner at a restaurant, receptions, large outdoor parties, etc.)


  • Work experience & skills (including technical skills)
  • Hotel / Office or Restaurant management and service skills.
  • Excellent management skills
  • Excellent communication and people skills
  • Able to supervise and train the existing staff along with recruiting as and when needed
  • Responsible of household budgets and accounts as well as manage outside contractors.
  • Broad knowledge of household items and their care.
  • Good social skills and personnel management.
  • Business and technology capability including computers and accounting.
  • Leadership and motivation skills.
  • Independent and team project management.
  • Problem solving and “get it done” attitude. Very “hands-on” and ready to pitch in.
  • Very resourceful, quickly learns the how and where to get things done in the local area.
  • Negotiating and supervisory skills for outside contractors and other staff.
  • A positive and Can do attitude
  • Ethical & professional approach
  • Goal focused / result oriented
  • Excellent negotiation skills
  • Able to handle stress
  • Fluent in English (reading & writing) and clear speaking is a must.
  • Flexible and able to work long hours if needed

Start Date: Immediately

FROM $100k a year tax-free! You will also receive private medical and health insurance plus other benefits to reward your expertise and efforts.

We will not consider any candidates for registration without verifiable references.

Interested candidates who meet (or exceed) the needs of this wonderful opportunity should email BUTLER FOR YOU / Silvia Richter or Sebastian Hirsch with full work history, a current photo and written references.

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