Female Butler – Freda from Cape Town, South Africa

Freda – Female Butler and Household Manager with South African citizenship.

Freda is available Worldwide.

“It gives me great pride and joy to introduce myself to you. I am an experienced female Hotel and Residential Butler, Penthouse and Household Manager from Cape Town, South Africa, with an excellent level of spoken and written English. I recently qualified as a TEFL teacher. (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)

I am seeking a position as a Household Manager/ Executive Housekeeper/ Hotel/ Resort Butler. I am a personable, confident and articulate individual; who is a reliable and responsible team player. An excellent mediator and motivator, I have a firm sense of discretion, strong personal ethics, and values.

I am passionate, dependable and driven by service excellence. I strive to inspire and to motivate colleagues to be emotionally engaged in guest service.

My 20-year background in Human Resources Development and Communications prepared me for the challenging and rewarding role of a Butler and Household Manager.

From May to July 2017 I attended the prestigious South African Butler Academy’s Professional Butlers and Household Managers training program in Cape Town, South Africa. I graduated in the top five with a merit award. Through my time at the Butler Academy, I obtained a well-trained eye for detail and I am always open to new ideas and willing to learn, being coachable is one of my strong points, and this relates to a happy and productive professional and personal life.

My first role as a Butler and Personal assistant to an elite family of four was in the Eastern Cape. The two young children and their boisterous dogs made the experience an especially happy and memorable one. I undertook training sessions with members of staff to increase knowledge and skill. I ensured that all work was carried out safely, efficiently and in accordance with public health, hygiene and safety guidelines.

I strive to meet and exceed expectations in everything I do. I am able to easily adapt to changing circumstances and I approach each new situation with passion and energy.

As Housekeeping Manager, I had overall responsibility for the housekeeping staff as well as the garden, floristry, veterinarian, and laundry service. I lead the housekeeping team in ensuring the highest level of service and cleanliness is provided. My duties included but were not limited to;

  • Family style cooking
  • Event planning and execution
  • Managing household and maintenance schedules and calendars
  • Paying housekeeping staff wages
  • Personal and housekeeping shopping
  • Chauffeuring

My most recent positions have included Penthouse Manager and personal butler positions in Cape Town, South Africa. The ultimate praise I received from a celebrity client was: “Every villa/ penthouse/ home should have a ‘Freda’.”

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