Family seeks Nanny for a trip around the world by ship


Engaged, energetic, and intellectual Canadian family seeks an Educator/Caregiver/Nanny for a once-in-a-lifetime trip around the world with their 5-year old twin boys!

They are a Canadian family of four who own 2 residences on a ship called The World, ( which is a floating residential condominium that constantly circumnavigates the globe. In 2019 they sold their home in Toronto to embark on a new adventure — to travel for 3-4 years before their children start school. Our client hopes to instill in them their appreciation for global culture through extensive travel.

The family spent almost 2 years in Western Australia during Covid; The World returned to service in July 2021 with mandatory vaccination required for all crew and residents. The Family has been enjoying their global adventures for the last 14 months and are looking for a Nanny to travel with them for a minimum of 10 months up to 18 months.

They need an active, reliable carer to oversee the boys’ travel excursions and pre-school education. They own a separate studio apartment on board, dedicated for exclusive Nanny use.

About the two boys:

The twin boys were born in November 2017, in Toronto, Canada. The boys, who are named after their grandfathers, are fraternal twins and could not be more different in every way! But they both love outdoor adventures, construction equipment, sports and music. They are curious, enthusiastic learners, avid book worms, and best friends. The family allows carefully limit screen-time.

The Ideal Candidate:

The couple values transparent communication, positive energy, flexibility, and initiative. A keen interest in early childhood development and experience with travel are important, but the key for them is having a Nanny with whom their sons can foster a natural and loving bond. Their parenting style is to encourage autonomy and child-led discovery within a clear framework of firm, consistent boundaries and routines.

The parents discipline the boys through connection and positive reinforcement with the goal of teaching, and they believe every day is an experiment. Their Nanny should share these values and embrace this approach.

Aboard The World, the parents want to have a great time as a family; this means having fun and educational excursions together with the boys, as well as allowing the parents the freedom to enjoy some travel experiences just for themselves. Also, the father will continue to work on board. They need someone who understands that their hours and intensity will fluctuate, who can be flexible to help their family make the most of this adventure, and have a “make-it-happen” attitude when best-laid plans change. The Nanny will work with the mother to plan and oversee a fun, active, age-appropriate itinerary for the boys.

They typically spend 2-3 days in each port and try to create a wide variety of excursions, making the most of what each location offers. Parks, playgrounds, museums, cultural activities, cooking classes, safaris, bike rides and beaches are a few of the activities they seek out.

The parents will join for some of these outings, and others the Nanny will do with sole charge of the boys. On board, the Nanny will supervise fun and educational activities for the boys, using all the resources available on the ship. This will include helping to prepare the boys for entry to Primary school by planning and executing classroom lessons, supervising arts and crafts, tennis, golf and swimming, and monitoring screen time. Lessons need not be formal but should ensure that the boys are prepared to start school when the time comes.

The Nanny will also help the boys to document and commemorate this adventure so they can later reflect on their experiences. This includes taking photos and keeping a journal or scrap book.

They would love to have a Nanny who could share a special skill such as
music, a foreign language, visual arts, or sports coaching.

The ship has a vibrant social community. The Nanny will also provide the paremts with the flexibility and support to go out for dinners a couple of times a week, including occasional overnights. Although hours will fluctuate based on the itinerary, the usual workweek will average about 50-60 hours.

In summary, the Nanny they are looking for is:

  • An active, confident carer who is flexible and easy-going, yet reliable and prepared
  • A self-starter, who can plan fun activities independently
  • Warm and kind, but well-practiced at setting and maintaining firm boundaries
  • A comfortable, self-reliant traveller with common sense
  • Able to teach the fundamentals of pre-school education
  • Comfortable in water and preferably a strong swimmer
  • In possession of current First Aid training and relevant background/police clearance
  • Available for the next 10-18 months, unfettered by obligations that would interfere with global travel commitments

What They Offer:

They will negotiate a custom package designed to suit the candidate’s specific needs, featuring:

• Competitive annual salary commensurate with skills and experience.
• 1-2 days off each week
• Room and food allowance, aboard The World (and anywhere else the family travels)
• Health insurance and on-board gym membership including personal training
• Inclusion on their family’s telecommunications package
• Flight paid and time off each year for trips home / elsewhere
• An amazing travel experience in a loving family environment.

We will not consider any candidates for registration without verifiable references.

Interested candidates should email BUTLER FOR YOU / Silvia Richter or Sebastian Hirsch with full work history, a current photo and written references to .

This role really is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! BUTLER FOR YOU – Serving Since 2007!