Butler – Marco

Private Chef & Household Manager Marco - USA, Los Angeles

Marco – Butler and Household Manager from Los Angeles, California

I am a well mannered professional who is dedicated to my career in domestic service. I am loyal, hardworking and have a “whatever-it-takes” attitude that sets me apart.

It is my diverse and well rounded experience in personal service that enables me to anticipate and identify the needs of my principle.

At my most recent position my duties included:

Hiring, training and managing household staff, vendors, contractors and property maintenance services/ personnel to a CEO/ Owner in Los Angeles with offices in New York, Washington D.C. and Palm Springs, California.

Personal Chef responsibilities  provided up on request of employer and household guests. Shopping, stocking and inventory of groceries and household supplies. Overseeing household remodels and renovations.

Responsible for feeding, walking, vet appointments and overall health and well being of five small dogs.

Chauffeur responsibilities include driving principle and guests to local airports, events and entertainment venues as well as round trips to Los Angeles, San Diego and Laguna Beach.

Maintenance and record keeping of household and business vehicles. Maintenance and inventory control of wines, valuables and art.

Developed household manuals, maintenance schedules, file and record keeping systems for a home office, worked closely with accounting office in Los Angeles on paying and monitoring of monthly utilities and maintaining household budget.

Managed home health care for employer`s terminally ill family member: interviewed, hired and managed home health care workers, hospice services and nurses. Provided companionship and support to employer and family members.

Professional domestic staff candidates preferences and due diligence survey:

Sebastian: What is your citizenship or visa status?

Marco: full U.S. citizenship with valid U.S. passport

Sebastian: What languages do you speak:

Marco: English, with some understanding of Spanish

Sebastian: What private service position are you seeking?

Marco: Butler – Household Manager – Private Chef

Sebastian: What is your preferred geographical location (s) of the employment?

Marco: California, Los Angeles

Sebastian: What type of situations do you envision yourself most comfortable with – formal/ informal/ family/children/older/younger/disabled?

Marco: ANY

Sebastian: What salary range would you like to achieve?

Marco: Flexible, depending on entire compensation package

Sebastian: What attachments do you have that must be considered – pets, spouse, or partner?

Marco: None

Sebastian: Do you have any legal background problems?

Marco: No

Sebastian: Do you smoke?

Marco: No

Sebastian: Do you have any credit problems in the last 8 years?

Marco: No. I have a very high credit rating.

Sebastian: Do you have any health problems that impact the type of situation that is best for you?

Marco: No

Sebastian: Do you have anything else you would like us to know and consider when evaluating suitable opportunities for you?

Marco: Please consider my many years in the service industry as well as my wide range of hands on experience managing a variety of situations. I would like to thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Marco

Sebastian: Thank you Marco.

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