Available Domestic Staff: Female Butler and Estate Manager Marcia

Butler For You - Household Staff Agency
Butler For You – Household Staff Agency

Marcia – Female Butler, Estate Manager and Household Manager with US citizenship and Irish (EU) passport holder

“I am a discreet, diplomatic and a very service oriented domestic staff professional with over 20 years of experience in fine estates around the world. I am seeking a position as an Estate Manager/Household Manager.

I am experienced in hiring and training domestic staff, vendor management, culinary, inventory control and purchasing, budgeting, oversight of multiple properties, oversight of interior and exterior, renovations, development of household manuals, event planning, guest relations and personal assistance.”

My most recent positions have included House Manager/Estate Manager positions in the US, Ireland, and the Middle East.

Professional domestic staff candidates preferences and due diligence survey:

Sebastian: What is your citizenship or visa status?

Marcia: U.S. citizenship with valid U.S. passport and Irish passport holder

Sebastian: What languages do you speak:

Marcia: English, advanced Spanish and basic French

Sebastian: What private service position are you seeking?

Marcia: Estate Manager – Household Manager – Butler

Sebastian: What is your preferred geographical location (s) of the employment?

Marcia: Ireland, Europe and some areas of US

Sebastian: What type of situations do you envision yourself most comfortable with – formal/ informal/ family/children/older/younger/disabled?

Marcia: ANY

Sebastian: What salary range would you like to achieve?

Marcia: Negotiable with total compensation package

Sebastian: What attachments do you have that must be considered – pets, spouse, or partner?

Marcia: Dog

Sebastian: Do you have any legal background problems?

Marcia: No

Sebastian: Do you smoke?

Marcia: No

Sebastian: Do you have any credit problems in the last 8 years?

Marcia: No

Sebastian: Do you have any health problems that impact the type of situation that is best for you?

Marcia: No, I am very healthy.

Sebastian: Do you have anything else you would like us to know and consider when evaluating suitable opportunities for you?

Marcia: I am motivated, experienced in many different situations and willing to get my hands dirty if necessary. I would like to thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Marcia

Sebastian: Thank you Marcia.

CLIENTS: This is a small sample of the talent that we represent.

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