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Attention to all housekeepers, butlers, couples, nannies, chefs and chauffeurs!

CV Writing | Resume Writing Service

Even very experienced domestic staff professionals in private service sometimes have difficulty presenting and selling themselves effectively on paper. It is of critical importance to have a well written CV, especially in these times of high unemployment.  You need to stand out and above the crowd in order to get noticed.

Professional Resume Writers

Our professional resume writers will highlight your achievements, qualifications and other abilities in a manner that captures the reader’s attention. Perhaps English is not your first language, perhaps you aren’t comfortable with computers or word processors, perhaps you have no idea how to document all your great experience, our professional CV and Resume writers can help!

We can review and edit your resume for:

  • Correct Spelling
  • Correct Grammar
  • Proper Formatting
  • Effective descriptions and details that help to present your skills and experience professionally

We have coached many private service professionals by special request in the past for modest fees and we can offer you, if you like an affordable professional CV/resume writing service.

It is a great investment and can mean the difference of getting the position or not.  Once completed, you are free to use your professional CV for any household staff agencies including ours and of course you can also use it for applying directly to potential employers.