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domestic couples agency –

The position commonly called “Domestic Couple” or simply “Couple” refers to a married team that fill two or more roles in a household.

A domestic couple can fill various types of roles either as part of a larger management team or as the Allrounder employees with no other household staff.

Domestic couples salary and benefits have a broad range considering the different functions and levels of experience required. At the top of the range, domestic couples earn slightly less than two equally experienced private service professionals in the same roles, which is a benefit to the employer considering a couple team.

Below are some of the common roles associated with domestic couples:

– Housekeeper/Cook
– Housekeeping/Groundskeeper
– Butler/Chef
– Household Manager/Chef

Any combination is possible based on the principles property and service needs.Usually a domestic couple is employed to cover many other tasks in addition to their emphasis.
For example a Cook/Housekeeping team can be also responsible for the childcare, laundry, errands, personal assistance, driving, etc.

The roles can be informal or formal, based on the family.

Usually the living arrangements are separate from the main home or offsite. Car for local use and insurance benefits are also common.

Butler For You offers a wide range of domestic couples for personal household positions world wide.

We represent only experienced and professional couples and ensure the candidates are a good match with your needs.

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