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Tony and Jenny – a professional domestic couple based in the UK – available worldwide

Tony and Jenny have been married 35 years. They are currently working for a 10 bedroom private manor house in the Cotswolds and have been there now for two years.

Previously they worked abroad in the Caribbean in the Cayman Islands as live in Chef and Housekeeper / House Management couple where they held this position for over 5 years. Due to the sale of this property and expiration of their work permits they had to leave this position abroad.

Prior to this they worked together for 8 years at a private household estate in Windermere,Lake District in England. Tony in this role was Chef/General Manager and Jenny as Housekeeper/General Manger.

Jenny is Irish and Tony is British and they enjoy working together and are committed to continue this working couple arrangement as they have done for the past 15 years. They are now looking for a new role within a private household setting which suits their experience.

Both are in excellent health. Neither smoke and both have undergone medical assessments in order to reside in the Cayman Islands. They both possess clean and current driving licences.



Tony works alongside his wife in a joint role. His current role held is that as House Manager / Chef for a wealthy businessman in the UK. Tonys previous role was in a multi million pound mansion in Grand Cayman. The role abroad was held for 5 years.

The owners of this property frequently visited their holiday home throughout the year with friends and family. The property was also rented out where Tony offered an onsite catering service. They jointly managed all the running of the property on a day to day basis and to oversee any maintenance work where required.

Tony also maintained all the gardens to an exceptional high standard and cleaned all the pool areas. Prior to this role he worked with his wife for 8 years in a similar manager chef / gardener role based in the Lake District at a large country estate.

Tony has two main assets cooking and gardening. By profession he is a trained and fully qualified chef as his CV demonstrates. He would like to be able to utilise his skills as much as possible and would be delighted to work for a family who enjoy entertaining.

Tony has much experience in catering for dinner parties, large or small. He can prepare dishes to suit any palate. Tonys’ motto is fresh!   He can cook anything requested of him, which includes home made bread, cakes, muffins, biscuits, pastries, soups, preserve fruit, jams, chutneys and marmalade.

Tony can menu plan and budget and has a host of experience in doing this. Tony has great pride in all the food he cooks and will always keep and care for his own kitchen to a high standard.

Tonys’ second main talent is that in the garden. His is extremely proud of his green fingers and describes himself of a horticulturist. In the many gardens Tony has worked in they have all been admired as they are to such a high standard.

He is able to offer ongoing maintenance and garden design. He successfully developed these skills through a hobby then went on to build up his own gardening round.

Tony can turn his hand to most jobs and describes himself as a good general handyman. He is able to maintain both the exterior and interior of a property to an extremely high standard. He also has extensive experience with caring for swimming pools. Tony can confidently manage and delegate other team members to get jobs completed to a high standard. He has overseen many contractors in maintaining the property in the Cayman Islands.

Tony also offers help around the house in helping his wife upkeep the housekeeping. He is willing to help with any housekeeping task including vacuuming, polishing floors, dusting etc. Tony and his wife work well together and often share jobs both in the home, kitchen and in the garden when required.

He enjoys driving and would be willing to drive his employers as required and do airport runs. He is a safe and careful driver and has had no accidents to date. Tony is passionate about cars and has maintained vehicles to an exceptionally high standard consisting of Porches, Jaguars and Bentleys and takes pride in cleaning the cars inside and out, ensuring they are immaculate at all times. He is able to also check oil, water and tyre pressure and arrange for servicing as required.

Tony takes pride in all his work and always delivers to the highest standards. He describes himself as being willing and able to undertake any task as and when required.


Jenny works alongside her husband in a joint role. Her current role held this that as Housekeeper / House Manager for a wealthy businessman in the UK. Jennys previous role was in a multi million pound mansion in Grand Cayman. The owners of the property frequently visited their holiday home throughout the year with friends and family.

The property was also rented out where Jenny offered an onsite housekeeping service. They jointly managed all the running of the property on a day to day basis and oversaw any maintenance work where required. Jenny’s main role was to keep the house clean to an exceptionally high standard.

Jenny has previously worked for a large five star hotel group supervising housekeeping ensuring high standards are met for guests. She also started her own cleaning company providing personal household cleans to clients and quickly built up her own round through recommendations from happy clients which she successfully sold prior moving to the Cayman Islands.

Prior to this role Jenny worked with her husband for 8 years in a similar manager / housekeeper role based in the Lake District at a large country estate with her husband.

Jenny is a very thorough housekeeper who works to the highest standards. She understands about attention to detail and takes great pride in her work. She will undertake all the daily household duties, including the day to day cleaning. She can hoover, dust, polish, make and change beds, do the weekly shopping and ensure the house looks neat and tidy at all times.

Jenny is happy to undertake the family laundry, she irons nicely including gentleman’s business shirts, table linen, napkins etc.  She will always check the labels and arrange for any dry cleaning to be taken to the cleaners. She will notice missing buttons, dropped hems, stains etc. and will attend to any minor repairs as and when required.

Jenny describes herself as a ‘simple’ family cook, married to a chef, she tends to leave the cooking to Tony. She will always work alongside Tony in the kitchen providing assistance with the cleaning and food preparation. She would prefer not to have day to day cooking responsibilities, but she is very flexible and willing to step in as the need arises.

Jenny provides an excellent waitress service.  She knows exactly how to lay a table and decorate with napkins and flowers and serve at the table. She is also quite handy in fixing things and always plans ahead to ensure jobs get carried out. She is very hard working, personable and committed to delivering the best at all times.


This likable professional couple are very enthusiastic, hard working and loyal. They are very meticulous in their standards of work and attention to detail. Both are computer literate and able to type, email and order items over the internet. They work fantastically together and have over 15 years of experience as a house keeping team and provide an excellent service. They deliver 110% at all times and are now looking for there next new challenge. Employing this couple would bring an invaluable asset to any future employer.

They require good quality self-contained accommodation and a vehicle where necessary.

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