Couple Leah & Sean – available in the USA and internationally



We are a married couple with more than 25 years combined experience running estates and yachts. Our distinguishing characteristic is a proclivity toward creating a warm and positive environment for owners, guests, and staff. We combine calm and cheerful demeanors with a sincere drive for grace, flexibility, and discretion.

Sean’s work philosophy is grounded in 15 years as a mega yacht captain. He is accustomed to effectively managing diverse crews, working long hours, and dealing unflappably with unexpected challenges. Sean prides himself on his ability to create and maintain staff culture. He is also results-oriented, never losing sight of his twin priorities: guest experience and safety.

Sean also has a strong marine engineering background. He is a hands-on problem solver, happy to wade into dealing with most systems including HVAC, electronic controls, hydraulics, small engine, generator, electrical, and plumbing. Sean has been involved in multiple new-build and major refit projects and relishes the opportunity to engage with system design.

Leah has firm grounding in interior department administration including hiring and training housekeeping staff, budgeting and accounting, provisioning, and ensuring every experience is tailored to the principals’ needs. She is a relentlessly detail-oriented perfectionist and is especially gifted at creating procedure and good processes.

We look forward to bringing our talents and passion to our next yacht or estate.”

CLIENTS: This is a small sample of the talent that we represent.

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