Caretaker Couple Dan and Sondra – Available in the USA

Butler For You - Household Staff Agency
Butler For You – Household Staff Agency

Dan and Sondra are looking forward to celebrating their 38th anniversary as a couple. They enjoy each other’s company and love to meet the needs of good people. With 3 ½ years’ experience as a Caretaker Couple, both are interested in a stable, permanent position as an estate, domestic, or caretaker couple in a private residence within the United States that utilizes their considerable employment experience. Relocation is an easy task for them. They have enjoyed working with a family with children and love pets.

Sondra and Dan are well-travelled with US passports, are excellent drivers, non-smokers, and have a pleasant and professional demeanor. Both are capable cooks. They can work as a stand-alone couple or in a supervisory position. They firmly believe in being pro-active, communicating and fostering a team environment.


Dan is hardworking, considerate, and strives to exceed a person’s expectations. His caretaking experience includes developing and managing gardens, lawn maintenance, snow removal, irrigation and pool systems, all handyman and home maintenance tasks, and woodworking projects including custom screens, bespoke furniture, door repair and other various projects. He has basic personal and property security experience and has a concealed weapons permit. He has managed personnel, done accounting, is an accomplished spokesperson, and has worked intimately with people in all levels of society. Dan is accomplished in fishing and shooting sports and enjoys hiking. He enjoys keeping busy with personal and client projects at all times. Dan is experienced with Windows and Microsoft Office.


Sondra has a calm and easygoing personality with a keen eye for detail. She is capable at multi-tasking and excellent organizational skills. Her caretaker role has included housekeeping to a high standard with upscale furnishings, art, and many upscale finishes. She can serve at both informal and formal meals. She is proficient with all aspects of laundry, ironing and closet maintenance. She has a gift for anticipating needs and identifying potential concerns. Sondra has managed personnel, worked with vendors, developed budgets, and designed operations manuals. She is at home with both Mac and Windows computers, knows page layout and graphic design, understands websites and SEO, and has written numerous business and non-fiction articles.
This committed couple will ease the pressures of daily life and offer the principals a stress-free home environment. They have experience with both remote, rural locations and large-city environments. It is rare to find this variety of experience in employees that understand both sophisticated needs and simple, daily tasks.

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