Butler for VIP family in Dubai

We are looking for a butler to be employed for a well-known family based in Dubai.

The role shall be based in Dubai overlooking two villas in Dubai and one in Paris. The butler’s responsibility would be to help in the hiring, training, and supervising of ‎the following household staff:

  • House maids
  • Cook
  • ‎Personal Drivers

As well as outside service providers such as the Gardener, the swimming pool staff , the caterers in case of events and/ or receptions held at home, and coordinating with the maintenance company making sure all works are done in due time and according to a pre-approved budget and ensuring the quality of works.‎

The butler should be well organized in order to ensure that all daily /weekly / monthly works are run smoothly between the 3 villas. He / She will need to have leadership skills and supervisory skills including attention to details.


  • Experienced ‎butler with those management skills
  • He /she would not be living at the principles property in Dubai, but will have a house allowance

Size of Residence:

2 Floor villa 5 bedroom+ (2 villas in Dubai) (1 apartment in Paris with 3 bedrooms)

Numbers in Household (Adults, Kids): 2 Adults permanent

Holidays and other benefits:

1 month paid leave/ private medical insurance / housing/ transportation/ yearly ticket (return flight) to home country

Top professional compensation