Butler / House Manager Russell – Available in the Middle East

Butler For You - Household Staff Agency
Butler For You – Household Staff Agency

Russell is looking for a long term role in the Middle East in a semi formal to formal environment.

He is a professional Butler with refined skills in food and beverage and housekeeping with excellent customer service skills.

Recognized for professionalism, positive mental attitude, commitment to excellence, loyalty to employer and demonstrated ability to communicate and interact effectively with all levels of guests and staff.

Russell is adaptable to offer a range of service styles, always offering a warm genuine and discreet unobtrusive service at all times.

Being an Australian, he does not rest until the job is done, and will do whatever it takes to achieve the goal. Working at all times to pre-empt his Principals needs and wants before they ask. Ensuring a calm and pristine home environment at all times, no matter where the Principals are residing.

Russell is extremely versatile and adaptable and has had a broad background in hospitality operational management, employee management, financial processes and has traveled extensively.

He has strong leadership and motivational skills, proven ability to quickly build rapport, establish trust, and train and motivate people.

This encapsulates his work ethic in everything he does :

“Service without soul, no matter how elegant, is quickly forgotten.”

Extremely hospitable and is a warm and genuine down to earth person.

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