Butler / Houseman – Cary, N.C. USA (Live in)


This Butler / Houseman role is for a single Business Man in Cary, N.C., USA.

EMPLOYER: 1 adult, a single entrepreneur

RESIDENCE: Private Residence, 3 bedroom townhouse

OTHER STAFF: Contractors for various services

• Overall responsibility for the home, contents, systems and organization
• Coordination of groceries and household supplies
• Dry cleaning, shopping, deliveries
• Shipping and tracking various packages; manage returns
• Personal shopping as requested
• Car Care appointments
• Disinfect equipment and supplies.
• Perform weekly walkthroughs using household checklists to identify action items
• Maintain a household vendor list. Build strong relationships with vendors
• Identify and oversee various household projects as needed
• Keep an inventory of all household supplies and restock as needed.
• Keep an inventory of personal items for employer and restock as needed
• Assist with inventory of all items in storage
• Maintain and update household manuals
• Maintain an approved products list for home and personal items
• Shop for household items as needed
• Secure residence at end of the day when needed – all doors locked

• Track birthdays and other important dates.
• Purchase gifts, develop and maintain gift tracker, and review and audit receipts.
• Prepare and submit expense reports.
• Occasional wardrobe maintenance, i.e., schedule tailor, dry cleaning
• Work with Executive Assistant as needed to ensure schedule is maintained

• On duty for 5 days per week on a flexible schedule to be worked out in advance and on call 24 / 7 for emergencies, some weekends to be determined between Employer and Employee.

• Principal’s First
• Learn from mistakes

Professional Compensation
1-bedroom apartment. Utilities are paid by employer.
Assistance with health care insurance

Resumes to Sebastian Hirsch. This role really does sound grand.