Butler / House Manager – Newport & Palm Beach


We are pleased to be the agency to recruit a Butler / House Manager for a new client with residences in Newport, Rhode Island, Palm Beach, Florida, and in Far Hills NJ.

Position summary

The Butler / House Manager will be responsible for the smooth running of the Newport home during June through October summer season. This includes assisting the Principal in everything from ensuring the home is guest-ready to training other team members.

The Butler / House Manager will also be responsible for Mrs. wardrobe and will assist her with detailed closet and cosmetics management.

Full-time year-round might also include two simple meals cooked and served to the family when in Palm Beach if the individual is an able cook.  Year-round employment will include travel: winter months to Palm Beach Florida and possibly San Francisco Bay Area, California to assist as well.

The candidate will report to the principal and to the personal assistant.  The Butler is responsible for training new team members going forward and real-time supervising all team members.

Long-term commitment is desired. 

Duties & responsibilities

Manage and supervise other household team members and vendors that come in and out of the property whether for home maintenance, cleaning, or at-home entertaining. 

The House Manager is expected to check up on other team members with the complete understanding that if others do or do not do something you are responsible as their supervisor.

Ensure checklists and procedures are followed: by you and by other team members: daily tasks checked off and completed daily, weekly and monthly.

Other responsibilities include: keeping household inventory of food, lightbulbs, etc, running errands, picking up and dropping off principals and guests as needed around town, train station or airport, grocery shop, and updating and referring to calendars continually to keep up with guest and family arrivals and departures.

One or two nights a week the House Manager will be needed to drive guests or principal to town and pick them up in the evening.  The candidate will also perform additional administrative tasks such as keeping inventories and handling food or supply orders, returns, and refunds; tidying staging decor around the home and some light housekeeping, meal prepping, organizing, setting up for events, and getting the house ready for guests.

Organize the main house and cottage house day to day. Learn where things are and then make suggestions for improved household efficiency. 

Assist with events for the principal. This may include managing invitations, working with rental providers, setting tables, pre-event tidying up the house, and supervising all moving parts during the event. Someone who is organized and has a proactive, thoughtful approach with a “can-do” attitude will be successful in this role.


An individual who is :

  • well organized and dedicated to the principle. 
  • able to wear multiple hats.
  • centered, grounded, drama-free and someone who brings calmness to high-stress situations.
  • a problem solver, comfortable and capable of reasonable decision making and following through with authority.
  • someone who can think outside of the box and brings creative solutions to the table.
  • efficient in clearly communicating the status of tasks and updating principals on decisions to be made and decisions they have made.

Professional salary: An excellent compensation package in the range of $120k to $150k and benefits.

Interested candidates who meet (or exceed) the needs of this wonderful opportunity should email Silvia Richter / Sebastian Hirsch with full work history, a current photo, and written references at [email protected]

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