Private Chef / Butler – San Francisco, USA


We are looking for a Private Chef and Butler to help expertly run the household of a single professional in San Francisco.

Primary Responsibility is essentially cooking nightly dinners either for the employer alone or when employer hosts dinner parties.

Cooking should be a strong core competency. Must also be formal in appearance, have competency in running a house, assisting the principal of the house whether it be shopping or running errands, looking after the cars, managing projects in the home.

Must be very professional in demeanor. Must be comfortable with computers, spreadsheets, keeping a household budget. Must be good at managing other people as the Butler will be in charge of housekeeper and driver. Essentially must represent the household in a very professional and polished manner.

EMPLOYER: Single entrepreneur with 2 cats

RESIDENCE: Large residence in a high rise residential building in downtown San Francisco

OTHER STAFF: housekeeper and chauffeur

• Overall responsibility for the home, contents, systems and organization
• Menu planning, grocery shopping, meal preparation and service.
• Must be a good chef
• Occasional chauffeur duties when full-time driver is not on duty
• Assist with event planning as requested
• Assist with other reasonable errand requests of the Employer

• On duty for 5 days per week on a flexible schedule to be worked out in advance and on-call 24 / 7 for emergencies, some weekends to be determined between Employee and Employer.

• Discretion and Confidentiality of family affairs
• Minimum of 3 years experience as a butler
• High level of self-management expected
• Proficiency with household technology
• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
• Computer skills
• Detail oriented and self-directed. Willing to be hands-on and assist when necessary.
• Courteous, discreet, honest, and responsible character.
• Non- smoker

Salary and Compensation:

  • $125,000 to $150,000 per year
  • Health insurance
  • Paid Time Off
  • 3 weeks holiday paid
  • Retirement plan

I would like to suggest that working for this employer in San Francisco will be a joy.

We will not consider any candidates for registration without verifiable references.

Interested candidates who meet (or exceed) the needs of this wonderful opportunity should email BUTLER FOR YOU / Sebastian Hirsch with full work history, a current photo and written references.