Available Household Staff: Butler – Carlos

Butler For You - Household Staff Agency
Butler For You – Household Staff Agency

Carlos – Butler and Household Manager based in London, UK

“The butler’s job description in today’s world is not clearly defined. A butler these days is expected to be multi-talented, from organizing other staff to household management.

Butler responsibilities and duties can include; driving, table service, care for silver and china, crystals, linen, supervision of housekeeping and flower arrangements, discussion of the menus with the chef, knowledge of wines and organization of the wine cellar, shopping, attending guests, packing and unpacking travel suit cases, caring for the employers wardrobe, swimming pool maintenance, gardening duties,etc.

Professional domestic staff candidates preferences and due diligence survey:

Sebastian: What is your citizenship or visa status?

Carlos: Portuguese

Sebastian: What languages do you speak ?

Carlos: Portuguese, English, French, Italian and Spanish

Sebastian: What private service position are you seeking?

Carlos: Household Manager / Butler

Sebastian: What is your preferred geographical location (s) of the employment?

Carlos: Preferably central London but open to other possibilities

Sebastian: What type of situations do you envision yourself most comfortable with – Formal / informal / family / children / older / younger / disabled?

Carlos: Any

Sebastian: What salary range would you like to achieve?

Carlos: Negotiable

Sebastian: What attachments do you have that must be considered- pets, spouse, or partner?

Carlos: None

Sebastian: Do you smoke?

Carlos: No

Sebastian: How is your driving record?

Carlos: Clean

Sebastian: Do you have any legal background problems?

Carlos: No

Sebastian:Do you have any credit problems in the last 8 years?

Carlos: No

Sebastian: Do you have any health problems that impact the type of situation that is best for you?

Carlos: No

Sebastian: Do you have anything else you would like us to know and consider when evaluating suitable opportunities for you?

Carlos: I am comfortable with live-in or live-out opportunities. As a butler I take great pride in being trustworthy, reliable and discreet.

Sebastian: Thank you Carlos.

Clients: This is a small sample of the talent that we represent.

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