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“Laura is an English-speaking household manager and private chef currently living in Paris. American passport holder, originally from California but considers New York and Paris home. A cosmopolitan traveler who has seen much of the world.

Her career started in catering which offered her over 17 years experience working as a server, event captain, event manager, as well as roles in staffing, training and mentoring.

She moved into private service as a personal assistant and begin cooking for clients regularly as well. A natural progression moved her into household management. Well trained in all aspects of formal service, flower design as well as provisioning for yachts and private aircraft.

Laura has managed homes in San Francisco, Boulder, New Orleans, Miami, Paris and on Grand Cayman.

Working closely with the principles, she consistently makes sure each property is well organized, efficiently run and impeccably maintained. She ensures each property develops, documents and sustains systems and procedures for daily, weekly and annual inspections by providing up-to-date manuals and schedules. Developing and maintaining strong relationships and communication with vendors, suppliers, architects, engineers, contractors/subcontractors, code and enforcement officials.

Armed with intelligence and a worldly perspective, years of travel have made her relentlessly adaptable. She loves a job with variety, where no-two-days look the same but offers challenges to face and opportunities to bring order out of chaos. Mostly she enjoys utilizing her unique skill set while anticipating what needs to be done. Highly capable yet remains curious and eager to learn.

Laura is available for placement worldwide.”

Professional domestic staff candidates preferences and due diligence survey:

BUTLER FOR YOU: What private service position are you seeking?

Laura: What I am seeking can be undefined, but a role that will utilize my skills as a Household Manager, Personal Assistant, and Private Chef. A busy, multi-faceted position that is challenging and allows me to be part of a team.

BUTLER FOR YOU: What is your preferred geographical location (s) of the employment?

Laura: I am now based in Paris, France. My preference is for Paris, but I am open to positions worldwide and to a traveling role.

BUTLER FOR YOU: What type of situations do you envision yourself most comfortable with formal/informal/family/children/ older  /  younger?

Laura: Again, I think it depends as I have worked in so many different situations. My absolute preference is for a semi-formal environment with no young children. However, if childcare is taken care of I would interview for a post that had small children. I am also formally trained, so can navigate around a very formal household, but my preference is more of a 21st-century mindset.

BUTLER FOR YOU: Salary range that you would like to achieve?

Laura: This is a difficult question. I am new to the Europe market and as an American has always commanded a much higher salary. It would depend if I was keeping my apartment or relocating with accommodation included. But I would say in the €5000 per month range.

BUTLER FOR YOU: What languages do you speak?

Laura: English and I am working on French. Not fluent but basic level of communication.

BUTLER FOR YOU: What attachments do you have that must be considered- pets, spouse, partner?

Laura: I am single…no attachments

BUTLER FOR YOU: Are you interested in live in or live out opportunities- or either?

Laura: Either.

BUTLER FOR YOU: What is your citizenship?

Laura: American

BUTLER FOR YOU: Do you have any visas in place to work in other countries?

Laura: Residency with legal working status in France

BUTLER FOR YOU: Do you smoke?

Laura: NO

BUTLER FOR YOU: Do you have any background problems that might affect your employment in private service?

Laura: NO

BUTLER FOR YOU: Do you drive?              Are there any issues with your driving record?

Laura: YES.                                      NO

BUTLER FOR YOU: Do you have any health conditions which would require accommodation?

Laura: NO

BUTLER FOR YOU: Thank you Laura.

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