Available House Manager / Butler – Curt

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Curt is a US and EU citizen, therefore he can work in the US and in Europe.

“With nearly 20 years experience working in the private homes of prominent families across the US in various capacities I offer you a candidate to consider who is not only well versed in all aspects of household management but someone who is willing and eager to assist hands on in the upkeep of your home.

My sharp attention for details and diligent work ethic combined with a loyal, trustworthy, discreet and honest disposition make me a great addition to any household.

Currently, I am on the west coast of the US working in home management but am seeking a long term position in Europe either Germany, Switzerland or Austria as a house manager or a butler.

I am a very flexible worker who can easily transition from the kitchen to the office to driving a client to serving dinner, handling errands or managing vendors or house staff supervision. My German language skills are excellent having spent significant time there in my youth.

I am legally as an EU citizen entitled to be granted a work and resident visa. In addition I have US citizenship where I was born and raised.

My work background includes household management, cooking, serving, bartending, party planning, garden care, intensive cleaning and laundry, care for art and antiques, elderly and children care along with knowledge and appreciation for household pets.

I possess a strong belief in respecting any employers wishes. It is vital in private homes that all workers realize that they are employees and interact with the homeowners and their guests as such, while at the same time I feel it important that a good honest friendly and direct relationship exists between the employee and the employer, respecting boundaries on all sides.

Should you have an interest in learning more about me or have any questions or would like to present an available opportunity that you feel I may be well suited then please advise Sebastian Hirsch here at BUTLER FOR YOU.

Thank you for taking the time to let me give you a brief introduction of myself and I look forward to the possibility of a great long term position in the heart of Europe.”

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